Day one at the blog

I think the most daunting aspect of starting a blog is dealing with the possibility that no one will be the slightest bit interested in what I might have to say. I am somewhat consoled by having spent the last couple of months discovering this entirely new world of Social Media, I have learnt that a lot of people say a lot of things about a lot of nothing … so I won’t be alone.


My journey started after a planning session for our company where we decided to leverage the “community” aspect of the digital revolution and use it to boost collaboration in our daily work. We want to harness the creativity of everyone in our business (employees, former employees, suppliers, clients, consumers, academics, commentators) to create a “community of insightful minds”.  The journey began with a simple conversation with one of our community which then led me to the sometimes daunting, sometimes confusing but incredibly addictive world of social media. Two months in I now realise how completely ignorant I have been of a quiet revolution that has established another new voice in the incessant chatter we call media.


Our company is a strange beast on the agency side of the marketing profession. We don’t make TV Commercials but we create campaigns. We don’t set out to influence attitudes but we know how to change consumer behaviour. My commercial genes tempt me to rush in and start using this new medium to sell more stuff. My instincts, however, tell me that it has the potential to be far more powerful as an agent for change in the way we do business, not just another way for our clients to sell more stuff.


We are currently pulling together an internal workshop for our people with the single purpose of empowering them to embrace social media in the way they work. That means having facebook open and im running alongside tweetdeck is encouraged and not frowned upon. Small as this step might be, I believe it will be hugely liberating and will unleash a whole new layer of collaboration and experience that will take us one step closer to that “community of insightful minds”.


Let me leave you with my favourite line from the presentation … “nobody knows everything but everybody knows something”.


So my blog will be the diary of how we create this community and one of those steps is this page … creating a blog! If only I could work out how to get a title on my blog. Maybe I will put it on Twitter and see what happens!


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  1. Billy Plummer said

    Each to their own OR why too much Twittering could be unhealthy.

    Bruce Lee taught his students a bewildering quantity of moves (he called it giving them a “toolkit”) knowing that when the time came for action every student would pull out of the “toolbox” the move that came naturally. The students knew all the moves but instinctively discovered what suited THEM. They would never use all the moves they knew. Some moves would never be used at all.

    “Twittering”, “taste & tweet”, “tweetdecks”, “an interesting day of twittering” in fact many, many, many “interesting days of twittering”…all things twitter and tweet.

    I think you may have guessed where I’m going with this…and it’s not necessarily “a twittering”.

    OF COURSE Twitter will (I truly believe) play a huge part in changing the way we do and can do business. I’m not so sure however it will work the same way for everyone within an agency, within a community. It certainly will lend itself to certain job functions rather than others.

    I’m talking here as a creative as opposed to a “suit” in an agency environment.

    As a totally mind-bending “it’s not what you know but how fast, how soon…”, doing business on the golf course on steroids in real time type tool it rules. In fact it rocks. Rocks it’s head off. Whilst (and of course) Twitters main benefits can & will benefit creative types both directly and indirectly, I’m a lot less than 100% convinced (and I know no-one’s trying to convince me) that Twitter will do it for me, for “us” as creatives in the same way as it does it for “suits”. In fact I suspect that in the same way that individuals will trend toward the SN tool (or tools) that suits them, different job functions within the business will trend differently and instinctively in their own way.

    There’s endless references to “Twittering” on this page. ONE reference to ONE other SN tool (facebook – running alongside Twitter). Is this healthy?

    My point? The conversation is all about Twitter. ONE dimensional? Shouldn’t we be careful not to trend toward/focus on the SN tool that suits us best so much so that we trend others it may not suit as well away from the tools that suit them best.

    I’ll use (stretch mercilessly, I’m sorry) the Bruce Lee analogy again – there’s a “toolbox” – not everyone will use the same tool. Everyone should have all the tools so they can use the right one at the right time.

    I couldn’t & wouldn’t have said THAT on Twitter.


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