Interesting day of Twittering

I am interested in setting up a Sydney Chapter of SMC mostly because Melbourne and Brisbane already have one and I can’t stand being left out. Made all the right contacts and now need to get to it. One brilliant idea I had was to search and follow all the listed Twitterers on SMC Wiki. No small task and it has eaten into my day quite a bit because I read everyone’s bio before clicking on follow.

I discovered two interesting facts through the process. The first one is that Twitter has a limit to searching. I don’t know for how long , hopefully I can keep going tomorrow. It cut out at around 60 search requests.  I suspect this is to stop spammers and so I have no issue … just frustrated. I’ll bet there is an easier way!

The second interesting thing is the incredible female bias of SMC Members. No science but I am estimating 80/20. It made me think of some research I sat in many years ago when mobile phones were being launched. The headline of that research was that females (in Australia at least) play a huge role in families and communities in keeping “community strings” alive and active. This is an incredibly valuable part of the fabric of modern society and I suspect that modern Social Media is just a better and more efficient way of doing that.

What do you think?



  1. Don’t forget the Canberra chapter, Doug. Fortnightly breakfasts and lunches to come in Winter. I’m the only paid member, as far as I know, but that’s a non-point.

    It’s fun and a really good little community. Go for it!

  2. Doug, let us know how we can help get the word out about your plight to get SMC Sydney on the map. Would love to see that happen…especially for some things we have cooking in the Fall. 🙂

  3. Tiphereth said

    I will help you set it up. Contact me via Twitter @tiphereth. Look forward to it

  4. Kate Gauld said

    Hey great idea. Count us in! Pie in the sky idea but maybe we could work at getting some ABC space?

  5. Elly Hart said

    This sounds great! I’d love to help.

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